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FloraCal® Cannabis Farms SILVER LABEL

At FloraCal® Cannabis Farms we cultivate our flowers from seedlings with love, intention, and sustainable techniques. Visit your local dispensary to taste our Legendary Platinum OG, Staple Holy Grail, Dessert DosiDo, Old School Grandaddy Purple and Sticky Sonoma Glue.

Fire OG


Hybrid 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Genetics: Master Kush X OG Kush

This is the kind of flower you can tell behaved like an A+ student. Genetically, it’s an exceptional strain, but the grower was able to coax excellence out of it. It looks exactly as it should and just might have been cured by a savant. It has everything going for it: visuals, smell, taste, and effect.

The trichomes are gorgeous and blanketed on tight lime green calyxes. Under a brighter light, subtle mottled chartreuse pops out. The overall effect is a verdant platinum shine.

The smell is unquestionably piney. A whiff of clementine is there as is a funk that might remind you of the humus on the floor of an old growth forest after a rain. If you’ve ever foraged for mushrooms in Redwoods, you know the smell.

Smoke on the inhale is ever so subtly sweet like a sugar cookie. The exhale has a dryness like the cork from a bottle of white wine. It coats your tongue with soft diesel fume.

This strain is not fooling around. It has a well-deserved reputation for heaviness and will definitely put you into the couch if you go hard. This is an ideal choice for getting a night of restful sleep. The next day you will feel alive free of jitters.

Fire OG


Type: Indica Dominant

DNA Genetics has won over 180 awards for their work. Their cross of Kosher Kush and OG #18 received the first perfect score at the 2011 High Times Cup. The seeds are always in demand, because in the hands of a capable cultivator, they produce some of the most crowd pleasing and potent flower available.

The best word to describe these buds is “robust.” They are big, thick, tight and packed with trichomes. Squeeze the bright green bud a bit and you’ll experience an astonishing density. It’s a tremendous seed stock plant.

Holy Grail is a powerful-smelling indica dominant sativa. The first thing you’ll notice is an assertive pine scent. Hints of diesel and pineapple add a sour-sweetness. The end of a deep whiff uncovers apricots and lime zest.

The flavor is a little hashy. The smoke has a toastiness that’s similar to lightly roasted coffee beans. It leaves a faintly bitter aftertaste, but it’s not unpleasant at all. If you enjoy spliffs, the flavor goes very well with quality tobacco.

As delicious as this strain is, the big draw is the effect. It was bred to be strong, and it is. THC levels regularly test over 25%, but it’s also carrying plenty of CBD. But this isn’t as flat lining as some of the heavy kushes out there. Sativa qualities help life the deep indica effects with an energetic, pleasure-inducing buzz. In fact, it can be a bit of an aphrodisiac.

The high lasts a long time, and winds down smoothly. Like most kushes, it’s well-suited for getting to zoning out at night, but it’s special because it will never leave you groggy in the morning. It’s a kush for people who like strong cannabis and getting things done.

Fire OG


indica-dominant hybrid

Pungent and powerful, this indica-dominant hybrid is the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off. It’s a modern strain, but you’ll recognize some of the classic characteristics of the Kush it descends from. It’s strong, delicious and enjoyable.

Buds are elegantly structured, springy and so coated in trichomes it’s as if they’ve been dipped into a sugar bowl. The leaves are bright to pale green with honey colored pistils poking through. The trim job is top notch, as you’d expect of quality cannabis.

The scent is complex and seductive. It leads with a sourness, like a dank European ale or rye bread. There’s also a nice lavender scent, indicating the presence of linalool, a terpene. Subtle fuel and cool cucumber round out the profile.

It’s a smooth flower that’s easy to enjoy. The smoke is toasty and delicious, almost savory. The aftertaste will remind some of dry red wine. If pairing with food, anything grilled on a barbecue would be an outstanding choice.

Expect a deep body relaxation and an assertive body buzz to wash over you suddenly, creating a warm sedative effect. Smoking a little bit before bed can launch you into a carefree nature within your evening zone.

Fire OG



Trends come and go in the cannabis world, but some strains are so inarguably excellent, they will always have devotees. Grand Daddy Purple has been a favorite since it was introduced by legendary cultivator, Ken Estes, in 2003.

It’s said to be a cross between Purple Urk and Big Bud. This indica heritage rewards skilled cultivators with gorgeous results. Frosty trichomes frost dusty purple leaves. Delicate copper pistils wind through the dense bud structure. Just a casual glance indicates it was well loved and grew vigorously.

The aroma has an effervescent quality, like quality sparkling grape juice. The scent of bright summer berries is heavy, too. Mellow citrus notes accompany, but they’re earthy, more like a Japanese yuzu than a conventional lemon. If you’re a person who enjoys fruity cannabis, the smell will alone intoxicate you.

The flavor of the smoke is luxurious and sweet. It’s silky smooth on the inhale and a little spicy on the exhale. But even if you’re a cougher, you shouldn’t have any drama. Big hits are almost too easy to handle.

Estes designed the strain to offer extraordinary relaxation and the munchies. And it delivers. It’s deeply relaxing and a favorite of people needing relief. It can also exorcise the lingering demons of a stressful day and will help you slip into the evening zone.

You might experience an initial rush of euphoria, like a surge of energy is coming. It quickly settles into Zen spaciness. If you indulge heavily, not only will you be locked to the couch, the key to the lock will be thrown away. Immersive video games and intense record listening are the right activities once you’ve gone deep.

Fire OG


Type: Indica Dominant
Genetic GG#4 X Purple

Sonoma County is globally recognized for the quality of its grapes and produce. Insiders know the region produces some of the best cannabis. This is an excellent example of the kind of expert cultivation giving the region its growing reputation for high quality flower.

The buds of this early iteration of the strain look nice and tight, as they should. However, you’ll probably be most impressed with its exceptionally pleasant aroma. Top scent-notes are powerfully piney with a funky sweetness swirling underneath. The smoke is clean and floral with a hint of vegetal, sour fuel on the back of the throat.

Where some hybrid strains give you blended effects, this shifts gears on you. The sativa ancestry feels forward, but it’s not dominant. Effects kick off with a mellow relaxation around the eyes. Warm creative feelings radiate out from there. You’ll feel buzzy and energetic for a bit, but be prepared, after about 30 minutes the body high demands to be noticed. You’ll be stoked to find a comfortable place to curl up and think about the universe.

This strain definitely feels like it was developed with the recreational market in mind. It’s a fun, mellow rollercoaster. The potency is there and it will certainly work for patients who rely on the analgesic properties of their flower. For those looking to experience mood-boosting effects, this would be a solid choice.

Even though this can glue you to the couch, that’s not where the name originates. This plant is notoriously sticky and frosty and trimmers would frequently say it “glued their scissors together.” It may be a little bit more work, but it’s worth it.

Fire OG


Hybrid Indica Dominant
Genetics: OG Kush x San Fernando OG


This is a beloved strain grown with a lot of care. It’s extremely frosty with well-distributed trichomes tucked in to every nook and cranny of the bud.It has a familiar lemon cleaner scent, but it’s not off-putting because of a fresh, natural Myer lemon zest note tempering it. It also evokes fresh chopped wood. Once you grind it, a subtle hint of freshly cleaned outdoor pool sneaks out.


When you look at it you immediately notice the distinctive burnt fire orange hairs give this old standard its name. They’re thick and healthy as is expected from cannabis grown with quality nutrition. Buds are nice and tight.


The smoke is clean, but has a dash of sharpness that feels surprisingly hashy. There’s an interesting brassiness on exhale that feels like a dry wine on the back of your throat. Some people might describe it as fuely with floral undertones.


It’s a powerhouse that offers a dependably heavy high. We recommend it for experienced enthusiasts who like to keep something solid on hand or neophytes that are ready to explore a deep, full body experience. Relaxation rolls down the spine first, and then a giggly silliness knocks on the door. Let it in. Despite the euphoria, or perhaps because of it, you may find yourself with a pleasant case of couch lock.

Fire OG

Not Forum Purple

Genetics: Lemon Haze X GSC


The scent of this strain is a deep mushroomy funk riding in on a wave of pineapple juice. Grind it up and a little mist of grape asserts itself. There’s also a bit of desert clay earthiness in the background.

Visually, these buds display its Cookies heritage, but the good flavor and smoothness is something from the Lemon Haze side of the aisle. It’s dusted with a good spread of trichomes, some have melded together into concentrated, dewy droplets. The buds are tightly wound and gifted with sublime stickiness.

Chocolate bronze hairs and speckles of deep purple offer further evidence this strain is from the Cookies family tree. The flavor is shockingly light and clean. Even through a standard pipe, it’s almost like you’re vaping it. It leaves a toasted green tea flavor on your tongue.

The high will not make you dopey. It feels like sitting down in your favorite chair at the end of a long day. The sensation doesn’t radiate or pulse, it hangs on you like a wool blanket. It bestows a clear, uplifted focus starting in the back of your heart. A few puffs will put you in the zone. Indulge further and you will find yourself with profoundly deep, positive thoughts.

Fire OG


Type: Hybrid 50/50
Genetics: Citrus Sap X Kush


This unique flower’s elegant calyxes are well powdered with sugary trichomes. It was clearly well cared for and cured. There’s a pronounced citrus smell that’s fresh fruit with a dash of lemon poppyseed muffin. After grinding, you might pick up some sweet berry notes.

The flavor has a subtle nutty spice to it. There’s an oddly creamy smokiness that’s a bit like taking a deep inhale in a yoga class where the teacher might’ve gone a little heavy on the incense. It’s thick, gentle, and downright mystical.

It’s a surprisingly energizing strain. You’ll want to listen to some up-tempo music and tap your feet. This feeling lasts quite a while, so you can start slow and unwind at your own pace without worrying about an uneven experience. With a heavier dose, the energy remains, but it shifts gears into a steady lid-lowering tranquility.

If you like to geek out over genetics and contemplate future cup winners, you’d do well to explore this flower. Tangie heritage accounts for the jubilance you’ll feel. The inclusion of Gorilla Glue gives it great flavor and deeper kick. This is one of those strains that will excite someone who’s looking for something a little off the beaten path.