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Lemon Banana Sherbert

Do you remember when it was “cool” to have a really ornate bong? Back in the day, I had a Jerome Baker that was my pride and joy, and the glasswork was … pretty involved. But something shifted at some point, and now it’s all about those straight-up, glass-on-glass, all-clear contraptions that look like they were blown in a BMW factory.

Being a man of the times, I went ahead and purchased one. The best part of these devices is how easy they are to clean, which is a boon for experiencing the full flavor of the cannabis you’re smoking. In fact, I recently got my hands on some Lemon Banana Sherbert from Santa Rosa’s FloraCal Farms, and it smelled so nice that I cleaned my entire bong before packing a bowl.

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FloraCal Farms Strategic Partnership

CannaRoyalty Enters into Strategic Partnership with Leading Premium Craft Cannabis Cultivator, FloraCal® Farms, to Develop and Sell Branded Cannabis Products
Strategic Partnership to collaborate on the construction and build-out of a 20,000 square foot craft cultivation expansion in CannaRoyalty’s existing California facility
CannaRoyalty to obtain exclusive global rights to license FloraCal’s full IP portfolio, inclusive of brand, outside of California
Strategic Partnership to collaborate on new lines of ultra-premium cannabis flower products

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First Sonoma County marijuana business permit

Karen Kohley took an important step Wednesday toward bringing her Sonoma County medical marijuana growing operation out of the shadows by becoming the first to apply for a county business permit.

On the opening day paperwork was accepted, Kohley, who owns Flora Cal Farms, walked into the county’s Permit and Resource Management Department, handed over a packet describing her 22,000-square-foot warehouse and wrote out a check for $4,500.

If her application passes muster in the coming months, Kohley and her husband will be legal in the eyes of the county and eligible for a state license when those become available Jan. 1.

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FloraCal Farms Pre-Rolls

The perfect pre-roll pack is here! Featuring five, 0.7 gram joints full of premium indoor bud grown in Sonoma County, each pack is an entire eighth rolled up. Spark up one of these on the beach with a couple of friends, and kick back to enjoy the super relaxing and cheerful effects. A soft and flavorful smoke is detected upon the inhale, which is great for consumers looking to try this medicine for the first time. Even if being enjoyed alone, an extra-long crutch makes it easy to puff on again after being snuffed out once. Next-level thinness in the pack allows consumers to keep one in any pocket without even noticing it there…

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FloraCal Brand and Package Design

Project Goals
FloraCal farms came to us seeking a path to distinguishing their premium flowers when being sold at dispensaries. As boutique growers, they wanted their product to be presented to customers with an aesthetic worthy of the the best-in-class flowers they were producing. They also wanted their name and brand to be visible all the way through to the end customer.

The Hybrid Creative helped them design a distinguished brand identity and packaging solutions that helped them stand out from the competition. Unique icons were developed for each strain. Packaging solutions were developed for each quantity level. And The Hybrid Creative employed specialty printing methods for a refined, stunning finish.

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